Custom drums

Custom drums

Perhaps you've hoped for a drum for yourself for a while, and now's come the time to have a drum that is uniquely your. In that case, a custom drum in an excellent choice!

A custom drum is born according to your wishes and energetic guidance to be perfect for you. Your own energy works with me all the way from the making of the frame to the finishing of the felted drumstick.

The price of the drum includes a video call with me that is energetically healing in nature, and helps you to come clear about the drum and the shift in your life you wish to have.

One can say that the birth of a new drum represents a rebirth of You as well. When the image of the drum--energetically speaking--becomes clear, this also signifies a clarification of your heart's wishes, and the direction in your life you wish to step into. The drum-brithing process helps you on your path in this way.

Custom drums are available in the size you desire. In dyeing and building the drum I take your wishes to account as I best can.

The price of a 38 cm regular-sized custom drum is 400 € (including VAT). The price of bigger 45-55 cm drums ranges from 450-550 euros depending on the drum.

This includes a felted mallet made for you and the drum.

Delivery time for custom drums is about 2-3 weeks.

Shipping costs within the EU are 20-25 euros, and to the rest of the world 35-40 euros where economical shipping is available.

It's also possible to order a painting for the drum from Minea. These come either as intuitive and channeled art, or can be made to your request. Including a painting adds anywhere from a week to two weeks to the delivery time of the drum. Be in touch for a price quote and cooperation.

You reach us best either by phone at +358-40-4107004, or by email at

How will your upcoming drum be?