Welcome to our Drum pages!

We build high-quality hand drums from reindeer skin and birch plywood for healing, blessing, self-expression and self-exploration.

In addition we hold drum-making classes around Finland.

Each drum is born to play as beautiful tones and energies as possible, for the highest good of its holder. Our wish is for drums that meet our clients' needs as beautifully as possible.

A drum reflects to us the parts of ourselves that we already enjoy, as well as the parts we haven't yet embraced and accepted.

The invitation is to connect within.

– Antti Aalto and Minea Aittokoski

Find yourself a drum in our shop!

The drums are born intuitively, usually following the energy I connect with when making the frame, and sometimes following a vision.

You can find pictures, descriptions and sound sample on our pages.

A custom drum is born according to your wishes and energetic guidance to be perfect for you. Your own energy works with me all the way from the making of the frame to the finishing of the felted drumstick.

You can order a drum in the size you wish for. In dyeing the drum we take your wishes into account as best we can. Though the process always has its surprises. A painting on a finished drum is also possible.

Do you wish to build your own drum? Then one of our drum-making classes is a great choice!

We hold drum-making classes as guided and requested, and we're open to wishes on new class dates and locations.

You can find our other services, such as immersive sound healing sessions, energy healing and yoga on our site Sydanliekki.fi